1. 🙁

    I have zero experience with communities. I wouldn't mind having a friend or two close by that really knew me, but I kinda dislike people.

    Perhaps you could start your own community, a little one within the big?

    Enough about this, how is it going with your boy?! 🙂

  2. For me community use to be a big part of experiencing different kinks and just seeing how other people manifest their fetishes. It was also a safe haven and place to find like-minded friends. It has really changed here for the worse.

    Things with the boy are great! Do you fetlife? I'd love to exchange names if so.

  3. My experiences with Black Rose was mostly positive. The annual event they hold started on their 10th anniversary were great fun. I volunteered and the experience was good. I lived in NY and was active in the scene there. No SM organization is terribly good at process. BR always had a silly organizational style I always assumed came from being the capital.

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