‘Natali’ is the pen and scene name I gave to myself when I found my power in living an alternative lifestyle.

I am woman who has found her kinky streak. I’m a jet-setting, plus size, pint-height, polyamorous, POC, FemDom who knows what she wants and will use my honed craft in mindfuckery to get it. I often equate my 10+ year journey into kink as ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ and constantly enjoy teaching and being taught new things among kinksters. My current fascinations are humiliation, CBT, rope bondage, mummification, chastity, obedience hypnosis, and extreme erotic asphyxiation. I’m short but I pack one helluva punch!

I’ve made the transition from *Mundane to Mistress and wants to share that on-going experience with people hoping to be able to show BDSM in a different light for those who are curious or confused about the lifestyle.

I can often be found chatting away on podcasts, teaching classes, demos, or presenting locally in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, New York, NY, Portland, OR, and sometimes across the pond in London, UK.

If you’d like me at an event (small or large scale) use the contact form to get in touch about my schedule.

*I’ve never really been mundane