After 15+ years in the kinky community, I have picked up, what I believe, to be invaluable information and knowledge that I love sharing and trading for even more info. I am a human sexuality enthusiast (read: Cock Connoisseur™) an Erotic Educator, Kinky Writer, Sex Toy Reviewer, and a Alternative Lifestyles Coach with published works around the great art of Femdommery, Female Empowerment, Inner Health & Wellness, and the Psychology of BDSM.

Kinky classes, workshops, and demos I offer:
  • Are You Turning Blue Or Just Happy To See Me?: A Breathplay Guide
  • Tit Torture: From ‘Ooh’ to ‘Ahh’
  • Crushing, Busting, Thumping: CBT Up Close
  • High Protocol: Teatime, Verbal Restrictions & Positions
  • The Femdom Feminist for Beginners
  • The POC Polyamorist
  • Nymphobrainic: Big Brain Sex
  • Beyond Docility: Obedience 101
  • Checked Baggage: Submissive Travel Services
  • Find Your Femme: Feminization For Newbies
  • Where Is My Big?: Intro To Age Play
  • My Whip Won’t Reach That Far: Long Distance Kink
  • ….and more!
Mainstream non-kinky classes and presentations I offer:
  • Afternoon Tea: A How To and Etiquette
  • Cuddle Party Facilitation
  • Chastity For Intimacy Building
  • Polyamory 101: Sharing Is Caring
  • Polyandry: The Other, Other Poly
  • Take Me There: The Tantric High
  • Sexy Roleplay For Beginners
  • Push My Buttons: Practical Erotic Massage
  • Online Dating For Polyamorists
  • Adult Parties: Party Planning Beyond ‘Truth or Dare’

If you would like me to present at an event (intimate, small or large scale) or have a topic you’d like discussed, email me at or fill out the form below letting me know the details and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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