1. I love this post. I like the honesty when discussing the need to objectify our subs while trying not to treat them like objects. A few months ago my on-line sub and I took a break as she dealt with some real life issues. During that time we remained friends but focused on non-sexual things. Now that she's in a better place mentally, we are having a hard time getting back to where we were before. She's a friend now, not just a sub, and it's very different.

  2. Yes the friendship dynamic is very different from the D/s dynamic which is also very different from the bf/gf dynamic. I expect no less though as we are humans with complex inter-workings. I just hope to get a firm grip on my desires and execute them properly.

  3. I can imagine it would be tough to have a "friends" relationship and then have a Dom/sub relationship at the same time. Even in my much more limited experience with this, I have a tough time reconciling the two.

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