1. Forced oral!!! Haha! That would be so cool to watch, I think. You know, I met a guy like that more than a year ago….he wanted to work in a male brothel and earn money that he could give to me. I thought he was serious until he flaked time and time again. There are only so many chances you should give someone and I think the fantasy was stronger than the reality in his case. But imagine if it had materialised – I woulda been a Pimpstress (is that even a word? But it sure would be one hell of an occupation!).

    Have fun in the Big A! I'm sure you'll get up to no good 😉

  2. @Eden: You should copyright that Ms. Pimpstress lol.

    @ASM: Yes perhaps he did get cold feet, but it would've been nice to at least get a response afterward. Ignoring is just childish imo.

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