1. I obviously vote for a slave!

    Believe Me, an "x" boyfriend who becomes a slave, is the most perfect situation.

    It takes time and training but, the result is heaven!

  2. We have a tough time dealing with a similar situation, which is husband vs. slave. She loves the pampering from the slave, but she craves the sexual manliness of a lover. This is why we consider living a cuckold lifestyle.

  3. Hi Ms. L.

    I think I hear you saying that you need a healthy balance in your relationship. Very few relationships can be in D/s mode 24/7 and also be effective in the "real world". But no boyfriend of a dominant woman should forget birthdays, ignore her in favor of his hobbies or consistently arrive late either. That doesn't mean he has to be in perpetual "what can I do to please you Mistress" mode but a little consideration would be nice. Especially if he professes to be a submissive male who likes to have his ass whipped.

    My Queen and I are a busy married couple with a child, an aging mother (mine) to look after, a house that needs repairs and hectic jobs that demand a lot from us. We can't always be in Mistress/slave mode. But I would never forget her birthday and I don't ignore her needs. She still calls the shots for the most part but when she wants me to make a decision I do so. There should a be a middle ground for a D/s couple when they can't be actively engaged in their D/s roles but "boyfriend mode" definitely isn't an option for any self respecting submissive male!

    Just my 2 cents! 😉



  4. Hello Mistress and everyone.

    I just stumbled onto this blog, and please forgive me, am rather unsavvy when it comes to making contact and reaching people via internet. But my ex-girlfriend and I are VERY DESPERATELY trying to move from bf/gf to Mistress/slave. Sometimes we get the hang of it, and sometimes we stumble. We both recognize that we don't quite make it as a couple, but the switch to true servitude/liberation is tough for us. Would any Dommes out there be willing to coach/mentor/advise my keyholder/ex-girlfriend? Any sounding boards out there for when she'd like someone's perspective besides mine? Thank you so much. charliebn73atgmaildotcom

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