1. Wow. You certainly know how to write very well. This was a great entry, very interesting!

    So Congressman came with his tail between his legs….I am so glad at how you dealt with him, this was priceless, really good! By coincidence, my submissive lickbuddy did a disappearing act and and reappeared – it fucks me off when people do that. I'm not meeting him until he meets my terms (and quite rightly so). This just made me feel more certain in that decision!

    I have to say for his faults, Congressman has a nice ass! Very peachy. Greay handiwork – I hope he'll think twice before pissing you off again!

  2. Hi Eden! Thank you for the compliments. As much as I like Congressman's look, I can't let him slide on something so important as wasting my time. The only reason I stopped was because my arm was getting tired! Haha.

    The always come crawling back honey, you know that better than I do. We are good women and they know that. But men act first and think later and then expect us to bend to their will. I think not!

    Fool me once, you get a spanking you'll never forget.

    Fool me twice, you won't be seeing me again.

    I'll be glad to hear what sort of terms you decide on and if he can meet them.

  3. Anonymous

    I really liked this entry. The writing style was excellent and it left me wanting to hear more about the Congressman.


  4. Gene

    Wow. Just. Wow. This entry blew me away. The picture is worth a thousand words on it's own.


  5. Hi Mistress L,

    A very erotic post. I could feel his rising sense of panic thinking you might reject and banish him.

    By the way, I added you to our link list. I don't know how it got dropped.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  6. Dear Mistress L,

    A command performance indeed! The tension was palpable on the screen, and you played off it masterfully (mistressfully?). Very well written. Well done. And very hot.

    Owned & collared by Goddess Selena

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