1. This is an amazing story. Ten years!

    I know of other online-only Dom/sub relationships (sin from http://findingmysubmission.blogspot.com/ for instance) and like you, I had a hard time seeing how it would really work, especially long term. But it does, and as you said, there are a lot of advantages. Ultimately, if it works for them, then that's all that matters.

    Not to get off on a tangent, but one advantage I can see has to do with "lending her out." I love the fantasy of that, but in real life, there are all sorts of complications and dangers. Not to mention how to find the guys? For instance, I have one friend who has brought up the subject of "borrowing" my girl (he knows my shenanigans and we share a lot of the same twisted tastes,) but it would just be too weird having a friend do that. Yet if it's not a friend, then trust becomes a major issue. (No way am I going to unleash some guy I don't trust completely to respect her boundaries.)

    Online avoids some of these problems. Finding guys is easier and brute force is not an issue, so going from good abuse to bad abuse is less likely.

    Mind you, I have yet to do any internet relationship stuff. I'm definitely the "physical contact" type. But I do see some advantages.

  2. It is hard to fathom isn't it Riff? But I like to think that you're creative enough to where you'd be able to pull something like a strictly online thing off (come on, it gets steamy in that blog of yours haha).

    But it definitely has it's pros and cons I suppose as with most things.

    Glad you took something from it, I know I did =)

  3. What an incredibly interesting post! I struggle to conceive of how this relationship must work, but clearly it works for them. I have had several submissives serve Me online and find it incredibly arousing- though I could not imagine taking it to that extreme!

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