1. In my experience, we're all considered weirdos no matter which race is calling us that. The unbelievable misunderstanding and just plain ignorance on the part of the vanilla crowd is the reason I have only confided in my wife of my interests, and nobody else in my life knows (not counting cyber friends).

  2. Ms. L.,

    in traditional BDSM, I can not speak as to why it appears to be mostly Asian and Caucasian. From the web-sites I crossed paths with, that is what it seems to me too. I am sorry you have to feel that way. If it is any consolation, I do also see quite a bit of Latin, which strictly speaking is a mix of Indian, African, and western European. Latin women are kind of known for being dominant and a home where the wife is in control is very common in those cultures.


  3. atenletter: I don't ride the Metro…I like to have my sub handcuffed on car rides =) And P.S. I really enjoy your photography, keep it up!

    little shaun: Yes, generally speaking anyone not doing "vanilla" things are weirdos but I have found that as a specific, non-whites seem to be more accepting of that. Makes me wonder what kinds of environments make for that thinking…

    Scott: I certainly did find your new site. I'll be reading as usual! Sorry to see you leave Blogger…

    Sub-Hub: I noticed the Latin prominence as well…but let me tell you, us Black women are just as sassy! This is a great outlet for all that mouth we have haha so I thought I'd see more. Oh well. I enjoy people no matter what race, I just found this ongoing issue noticable.

  4. Great post and a question I have always wondered myself…While we see blacks in swinging on occasion, we mostly see black men, sometimes but rarely black women and in the bdsm scene there are few blacks of either sex involved…..but more black women than black men.. when I have seen them. I was at a club in NYC once and there was a hot white girl literally beating a handsome young black guy..I mean punching and kicking him…nothing sensual.. but he looked very turned on and she was obviously enjoying their scene.. I have never seen one like it before or since with any race. they were both clothed….it was strange to watch, and I can not say why….it just was….again an interesting post….

  5. Hi Lady, I am a Mexican American from Southern California. Yes it feels lonely to be the only sub or domme (I have been both actively in my young life)at a place who is Mexicano.

    I too have heard its a white thing. Being Gueor (fair skinned) I have heard some ignorant and ugly things about my gente from white people in the scene too!

    But most people in the scene are good and kind and supportive, so in the end I do not care about the outsiders, frustrating as they can be at times.

    Peace and happiness to you!

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