1. Hey L. Regardless of your challenges, it's nice that you still share your thoughts with us.

    So if I may, and if you can, how do you envision your perfect partner within an ideal relationship?

  2. I need to know that you want it too, otherwise we fall into that "Is this consensual?" gray area.

    Ugh! I know what you mean! My bf and I already have a kinky relationship that involves little to no power exchange. Recently, he confessed that a power dynamic is something he would like to add to our relationship. Except, his actions do not match those words.

    I wrote about it here: http://bipolykinky.blogspot.com/2012/05/suck-my-cockiness-lick-my-persuasion.html

  3. Schnoff

    Interesting. There's a lively debate going on elseNet about the submissive that wants to micromanage what she – or in your case he – wants to submit to.

    It might be semantics, in the end. To me, that sounds like a dominant bottom. When advertised as a submissive instead, things get terribly confusing.

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