1. Sorry, after seeing "Pineapple" on the list, I kept thinking of Little Nicky. xD And "Lawsuit" is a good way to keep people on their toes!!

    However, I agree completely with the need for safe words. Does it interrupt the flow of things sometimes?? Sure. But would you rather be safe than have your partner never look at you the same again because you went too far??

  2. @ Silly Mistress: Always good to see other people remembering safewords' purpose and if the flow has to be broken, this is definitely a good reason.

  3. Little abby

    My Sir and me don't have a safeword. We had one the first year we were together but somehow have come to find it restricting. I only used it one time when he had another Sir play with us at a party. But for my Sir, I would never say it.

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