1. I love the idea of serving my wife as you have described. Rituals such as kissing her feet, worshiping her ass while being denied her most delectable bits for a time of her choosing and even forms of public submission. These are all things I fantasize about. She does not know how to be in control nor does she realize the control she could wield over me. She melts all my defenses with just heels and a skirt and she has no idea and does not use it to her advantage or pleasure. She also has no idea how far I would be willing to go to fulfill any desire of hers. I have this inner slave craving a mistress to control me and I try to bring out the Dom in her with little success.

    Anyone who finds you, or a woman with your passion, for a few moments, hours.. a night or longer would be pretty lucky. I would imaging just a chance encounter, a few words and exposure to your aura, in a store for instance, could cause a man to pine for the unattainable and desire a mistress of his own to serve. I am enjoying your blog. Thank you.

  2. Thank you very much Love4her, I am flattered. I'm sure your wife is an equally lucky woman to have such a submitting creature at her disposal =)

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