1. I love this post. I agree. I hate roller coasters….Not because they are not thrilling or dangerous or they make me scared, its because they do none of the above..Im along for the ride…I dont wanna ride, I want to take you on one….I want to be the one who makes the ride thrilling…I want my partner to be the operator of the roller coaster not the patron…..get in and get colorful…..dont watch the grass grow…make it grow

  2. Dear Mistress L,

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  3. Interesting post!

    Why do i think i'm mundane? As a 24/7 slave, there are parts of my life that are mundane. Boring. But i love the routine and order, and that is part of my slavehood. Yes, Master and i have even gotten into mundane sex ruts before. Tie me up, fuck me, flog me, etc. To others this may sound wild, but it does get boring if it's just repeated over and over. Sometimes the routine is nice and comforting, but it would get old very, very fast.

    I agree, it's a state of mind and a statement of one's self-opinion. One needs to be happy in one's own skin. Vanilla or not.

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