1. Anonymous

    he might be mad about something…feeling disrespected or something…when i feel that way i can't do it either…

    you should find out what is making him so upset.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow… I just discovered Your site, but I must add my opinion, for what it's worth: please take it very slowly, carefully now.

    I'm an old maid (51-year old, submissive, sissy maid/masochist). I've been through a lot of experiences, including very close, personal, meaningful ones. This kind of lifestyle is very difficult, and it's completely normal that sometimes someone wants to pull back a bit…

    I support all who are still part of our lifestyle (meaning BDSM, kinky, dom, etc, whatever), but in my own life I've known how conflicts can creep in, in terms of the "outside" world.

    The best thing You can do now is to just relax and enjoy this other, more benign, side of him. It can be quite nice.

    However, as a someone who's been conflicted & kinky throughout a lifetime: one cannot repress this kind of passion. Psychologists call it "paraphilia", though the naming of it doesn't make it go away….

    Eventually, Your man will want it again (and You probably know this, within Yourself, already). But the fact that he would like to put it aside for now… might mean he really cares about You.

    All the best,


  3. this is surely an interesting development….I wonder if the reality was more than the fantasy could bare…..I don't think you will be able to not engage anymore than I could have a wife who does not cuckold me…it is what we are

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