1. Trust for me in a BDSM context is something that takes time to build. I suggest starting bf with some simple (not too dangerous or painful) play first and listen to his reaction. If he feels comfortable with this, you might move on to slightly more rough play. This was my experience with a mistress I didn't know (or trust) – she started me off with some easy things and moved on to harder play as I felt secure with her. I guess I trust her because she was in tune with my reactions each time she tried new things. I sensed she wouldn't push me further than I was willing (or capable) to go. BDSM with her is now a regular activity we do – I don't even think of going "vanilla".

  2. Ms. L,

    I do not know, but suspect the consensual aspect of BDSM heightens the experience for a D/. I can imagine knowing the /s is willingly giving themselves to you makes the service and training more fulfilling to you. Sub-thinking is often convoluted, so I wouldn't think the time frame he came up with is accurate. Our brains are often messy places for clear thoughts to reside. ;-}


  3. Thank you for the note you left on my blog, I feel honored. I am a submissive with experience serving dominant women, but still have the burning desire to please a dominant woman.
    I post photos of me on my blog, but the idea is to follow commands and take pictures as ordered. It will be an honor if you would be interested in giving such commands.

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