1. My longest time is around 47 days. The unfortunate thing it was with my ex-wife and she really wasn't into it. So out of those 47 days a couple weeks were in a device and even fewer days of a D/s dynamic. I look forward to trying it with my current Mistress as she is much more into the tease as well as the denial.

    • It's all about finding a match. My ex wife was very controlling and I stumbled into the lifestyle. It became a way to cope with my feelings of inadequacy and her control. It made it feel like it was "my choice" to be controlled. Now I'm wit a wonderful woman who is giving and I love to let her control my cock because it feels like I'm giving her a gift. It's about intimacy now. Not insecurity.
      Glad you have someone to call a mistress. How did you meet?

  2. @On the side lines: I've taken quite a few breaks but I'm still here. Thanks for checking in 🙂 We have pleasure of meeting through a kink site 🙂

    @Miss Bossy Bitch's Boy: That sounds like a rough 47 days! But it also sounds like it was fun. I wonder how long you'll go next time??

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