1. From a submissive point of view, i think it takes work from both to keep things fresh or rather to keep the kink thriving.

    I dont think its topping from the bottom for the submissive to initiate/suggest play, the dominant can say no….an option i dont have lol

  2. Stopped by to say thanks for following me.

    We are still new to all of this, therefore no slumps of this sort for us, yet, but it is a lot of work…and having two of me, well, I wouldn't want that job! lol.

    Maybe something new is in order?

    I also agree with tori, it comes from both sides.

  3. Saw you on my list and I am so glad I stopped in (yes, late- but I'm here =)

    I can very much see your side here. Vanilla life takes time and effort- it pays the bills. Using the time and energy you have left to enjoy your kink side can be a struggle when you feel you have NO time or energy. That is a big struggle on my sub side too. We have made a lot of changes recently to create less of a distinction between our vanilla and kink sides- it's really helping us both.

    I think living poly would make my head spin! I give you credit for even trying to juggle it all. Hope things are improving for you, I look forward to following your story!

    XOXO Pearl

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