1. Stop with this switches are fickle rubbish. Are all subs weak? All doms arrogant? Come on less judgement and generalisation please. People in our little kinky world should by now have learned not to do that!


  2. Anonymous

    @Mykey, I completely agree. Further more, just because someone is a "switch" doesn't mean they switch with everyone they play with. I assume Mistress L's writer sub was doing his best to be a good sub within their dynamic.

  3. Lady Grey

    Sorry I have to disagree. As a Dominant of 10 years I find most switches to be notoriously hot n' cold on their roles. I usually pass them over for real submissive attention. While there are exceptions to rules, maybe he didn't fall in there. We're just speculating. Just my two cents

  4. DomDad77

    …And we thought Mistress was being too soft on him. Guess he wasn't up to the challenge, don't worry you'll find someone new and shiny soon

  5. Hi lady gray

    I'm not suggesting that's not true, just that generalisations are not helpful used like this, merely judgemental. If I said she cant park a car, what do you expect she's a woman you would be rightly angered. Yet in my wifes experience (she being the better at parking) she often says that. Even if it's true it's not a helpful label.

    That said I can understand what you mean. I manage it by subbing to my wife and domming others.

    Most generalisations have a grain of truth, we should be careful not to make too much of it though.

    I was I realised rude not to say something more. I hope you find the sub of your dreams soon, sorry this didn't work out.


  6. I think Mistress L mentioned this way back when but I agree with the notion that switches do best with other switches. But, she did not bring this up in the entry, maybe it really is more complicated than we all are thinking.

    (((HUG))) Mistress L. You'll find the perfect submissive for you.

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