1. Anonymous

    Mistress L, I'm envious of the new boy. I hope that he is treating you like the Queen you are.


  2. I love your writing of this — I could see it all…my imagination filling in the blanks


    thank you for commenting on my blog — I will enjoy catching up on yours (I visited here once ages ago after you commented on an HNT of mine — it's fun to rediscover your blog)


  3. […] Writer sub and I have started his official training (read: Attempting to mold him into a good submissive for me). We previously decided that we would do a 60 day probationary period; I’ve designed 8 weeks of training for him. Each Sunday we’ll start his designated training, follow up with it throughout the week in various ways, and the following Sunday I will test him. His results will be available here, on this blog only, every Sunday evening. Sometimes you dear readers will know how well he’s done even before he does! Any test he fails, he will retake thus only setting himself back. At the end of the 60 days there will be an all encompassing test of all the training we’ve covered. This factored with our chemistry will solely determine whether we continue our relationship. […]

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