1. Thanks for sharing how your breasts have affected you life. And it is great that you enjoy them and aren't self conscious about them.

    And do you get tired of figuring out whether guys are into your or your breasts?

    And do guys spend a lot of time sucking them?

    Hope you don't mind the questions.


  2. Mmmm, my favorite topic!

    If you're not having back problems or anything, I say keep T&L forever. Being able to see your own feet isn't as thrilling as you might think. 😉

  3. @Florida Dom: Always happy to share a tale. As for your questions, no I don't get tired of figuring out whether guys want me or my breasts because we are a package deal, so it's all or nothing. And yes, lots of guys love paying special attention to them during any sexual encounters, which is great, but I'm a penetration girl…I want the main course hehe.

    @Riff: Thanks for letting me know, I've been wondering what all the fuss was about prior to this lol. And yeah, T&L…life would be no fun without them (for me or you guys!)

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