1. Interesting.

    I can see from your POV because as a Mistress, you can never really 'control' a man who has another woman. I have to admit, I am in two stances about married men too. I myself try to seek out single men, because you have more flexibility in the relationship but I have had married men approach me. In those circumstances especially, I want transparency from them so I can make my own decision whether to proceed or not although to be quite fair, they are my least desired choice.

    For example, the last guy I blogged about was not wearing a ring but started telling me all about his marriage during our date at the club while trying to hold my hand and kiss me. I think witholding that kind of info when you want something from someone is very selfish and unfair.

  2. It's the lie not the reality that gets me, as a submissive female I have to trust the person so much, to be tied, have boundaries pushed and allow them to make decisions on my behalf.

    I met a great guy just the other week he said je was single but 2 days later I started getting wife phone calls. If he had been honest I could of still moved forward but the lie means I would never be able to truly give myself, I would always have a doubt.

    Does that make any sense?

  3. @Eden: Exactly, just honest up front info would be appreciated. It's childish to try to "decide" for me when I'll end up doing what I want anyway.

    @littleshaun: So sad but so true.

    @heelsnstocking: Ugh, sorry to hear you've encountered this as well. We're not stupid…women usually know when something is up. I hope you've promptly kicked him to the curb haha.

    @Anon: Nope not deleted, just not visible, in case I want to use it again for another sub.

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