1. Hello there. I am a new reader to your blog (Misty recommended me here).

    I have thought about this topic before and it is an interesting one. The theory I have for it is that a lot of this stems from the amount of work involved with screening potential submissive men. Assuming that many of them spent any amount of time searching online… wading through 10,000 messages, 9,000 of which were cock shots, 900 of which read like they were written on a 2003 cell phone by an 8th grader (e.g. "ur hot domn8 me"), and painstakingly scouring the remaining 100 to find the one sub… there seems to be a bit of an over-riding curiosity factor that seems to push people outside of manners and etiquette. There is also the mutual suffering of the searching experience that occasionally leads to a "we've both suffered through this, let me take him for a test drive" mentality.

    After I was chosen by a well-known Domme in our local scene, all these people that had completely ignored me for months at the local munches all of a sudden wanted to get to know me or be buddy-buddy. I often felt this was due to questions of "why him?" or "if she chose him he must be good, I'll try to take him" motive.

    Thankfully she did harbor the "hey, don't touch my stuff!" mentality when it came to me unless it was someone from her inner circle. I don't think that you are alone in your feelings on this. I tend to prefer this as well. I like to think of my submission as being special and an act of love… the idea of being passed around to someone neither of us know well or trust isn't really something I'd be super happy about (outside of the fantasy realm).

    Our M/f couples on the surface were like how you described, but if it was a play party all of their manners went out the window once the Doms started trying to one-up each other. I have been told in most areas the bulk of the male Doms aren't quite as neanderthal as they are here.

    Take care.

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