1. Hahahaha…

    I LIKE this post!!

    The first time I can recall someone wanting to do something like this to me.. wasn't during sex. It was afterwards… kind of like 'sound asleep' afterwards.

    Through the slumber, I heard this 'bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'… and the next thing I know, I have some kind of bottle rocket hilt deep in my butt…

    I do think that I set and still hold the Tennessee record for Reclining High Jump.

    I don't think my response was so much that I didn't want it, etc etc etc.. I just wasn't expecting it…


    Hell… I'm willing to try anything a couple of times!


  2. My first thought is really, who's in charge here? My boy, who is so sweet, will try anything I ask without disagreement. I try to always be gentle and kind, especially when it's something new, and check with him for pain. We've discussed the differences between pain that involves injury and pain that involves intensity. He knows I don't want to harm him, just enjoy him.

    Don't ask, tell. Sweetly, gently, kindly insist that we are doing this, Sweetheart, and if you don't like it, we can discuss it, AFTERWARDS. Then give him a long kiss, a sweet smile, and bend him over.

    Just a suggestion. Works for me. 🙂

    • @Tina: Yes that would generally work if this was with a sub boy but this was about vanilla men in general and my bfs who are also vanilla.

      If it was a sub there would be no asking, only telling 😉

  3. Slave Mark

    I was horrified the first time a domme put a finger in my ass. She had just beaten my ass cheeks savagely..I was in real pain..I was lying face up on a bench, my legs tied overhead, completely restrained and helpless..I felt her hand near my crack, she had some lotion on the hand, she rubbed some on my cheeks, I foolishly thought she was giving my ass some relief from pain, then I felt a finger enter my anus. I begged, I pleaded..but she was going to do as she pleased, she owned me. I was mortified, I felt like a gay man being entered. Eventually she inserted another digit as she shouted triumphantly "two fingers, Mark!". My humiliation was complete. Then a strange thing happened: the anal muscles relaxed and I started to enjoy the feeling..I no longer felt "gay" and enjoyed the fucking of my ass. When she finally stopped, I begged her to put her fingers back in my ass. Anal play has been an enjoyable aspect of any session when I have served a Goddess and I have never felt any less masculine when a dominant goddess has used my ass. I particularly enjoy the sensation when a busty, black domme has raped my ass. It has been too long since a Goddess has used me in this fashion..

    Slave Mark
    Arlington, Va.

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