1. Great story. I've found that men tend to fall into two categories, those that read and love to read erotica as well, and those that never read but just "read" what they want too through a photo.
    It seems that the latter group will never join the former.
    Great blog by the way. 🙂

  2. Oh yes! What an agony and I hear you loud and clear! Of course I agree with Vanessa as well.
    Painstaking and quite annoying indeed! I'm tired of all the subs saying they are ready for anything and everything and then……. poof*
    I've attributed their pathetic behaviors to many different things but, in the end; good subs are a rare breed.
    Glad to hear though, you had some wonderful nights out on the town!

  3. @O: I'm not sure what it is, that's just the way it was for me…but yes perhaps I should return.

    @Vanessa: It does seem as if they "skim" the important stuff haha. What nonsense!

    @A Divine Destiny: It is a shame that they verbally are more prepared than mentally. Tsk tsk

  4. It may not be DC is inherently uncool, I think it sounds like you are craving for a change of scene to inject that enthusisasm back.

    I cosign O: if the grass is greener on the other side, jump over the fence!! If little is stopping you from coming back now, you should plan for that and enjoy every damn minute..!

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