1. Isn't it odd how despite the fact he is clearly not attracted to bigger girls, he decided to contact you… in the assumption you can't afford to refuse anyone.

    It sounds a lot like projecting to me, and if anyone was desperate in this interaction it appears to be him. Clearly so unappealing to women that he reckons the only chance he has is with women he deems undesirable but easy.

    I doubt he even realises how ironic his response was.

    – Arthur

  2. @Lust and Confused: I never looked at it that way but that is amusing to me. I mostly think that too frequently within the BDSM scene I notice men just eager to have someone ANYONE, so they cast out the gotta catch anything net and feel they will take whatever they can get. I think this logic is pathetic as I think waiting for someone who fits you is a better bet.

  3. He was broadcasting to see who would appease his kink.

    I would tell you what I really think of the submissive stature of this guy, but I don't use profanity.

  4. MissN

    I agree! As a full figured Mistress myself, I sometimes find pathetic submissive men thinking they are doing me a favor. HA! Far from it. I have many, many quality options to chose from in my stable. I adore your blog!

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