1. I never expected such succint and knowledgeable remarks on the internet. You are great.

    I am not circumscised. I have never had a problem with it, my wife never complained. I am about as clean a person as one can be, so the foreskin is not a "cleanliness" issue.

    My father-in-law went through the process while he was in the US Navy on the advice of a medical doctor. I think he was stupid to succumb to such "advice". There may be exceptional cases, and I can't really come up with one, when this procedure would be necessary.

    In general, just leave it alone, but by all means, keep the damn thing clean! I think that is all the old testament Jews were about: desert sand does not help keeping one's private parts clean, and water was not much available. Then again, there are some men who never wash, so there you go …

  2. Well, there is a significant correlation reported in the medical literature between HPV which causes cervical cancer and a woman's sex partners being uncircumsized!

    I recommend going only with cut guys (like ME!) C'mon now, I paid my dues–show me the poo-see!

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