Alternative Lifestyle Coach

I am a professional Empowerment Speaker, Alternative Lifestyles mentor, certified Life Coach with a focus in Alternative Dynamics and Intimacy. I am also a trained NLP-Hypnotherapist.

I’m here to share, gain, and compare learnings on the inner workings of all that we are and have the potential to be, whether inside or outside of the bedroom.

My Specialties are:

  • Cycle identification and pattern breaking
  • Self empowerment through actions and words
  • Alternative relationship dynamics
  • Non-judgemental action plan creation
  • Radical change for radical results
  • Goal setting and following through
  • Habit creation and execution
  • Communication breakdowns and repair
  • Self love and self care planning
  • ….and more

A lot of the issues we face day-to-day create static that makes it hard to get a clearer picture of ourselves and those around us. Thus, preventing us from genuinely forming authentic internal and external connections.

I am available for local in person or virtual life/relationship coaching or mentoring sessions.

For inquiry on exact pricing and booking contact me directly at rates start at $40/hour. I offer a sliding scale option as needed and as available.

Please send a brief email with your name and explaining your reason for contact.